Milestones in the Pharmaceutical History

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A brief excursion over the last 4,600 years in headlines; 
a private non-complete information collected by Mr. Jens Kehrhahn over the years

2,600 B.C. 
Babylon, originating as religious practices first medical treatments and therapies to heal illnesses were invented

2,000 B.C. 
China, the legendary founder of Chinese medicine Shen Nung wrote the "Pen T' Sao" - the first written classification of illnesses and healing medicines; combining also the description of natural pharmaceutical products and their effects in medical treatment

304 A.C. 
Damian & Cosmas, two Arab Christian brothers became pastors of pharmacy and medicine 5th to 12th century A.C.
In central Europe monks developed first "pharmacopoeas" = collections of descriptions of a constantly growing number of spices, plants and blended "products" suitable to heal sicknesses

980- 1032
Avicenna, a Persian doctor wrote a dissertation about illnesses and pharmaceutical products

Friedrich II., granted to the pharmacists in the German kingdom at his time "scientific independence" from the medical doctors and medical authorities

Florence, first pharmaceutical congress 

King James I. in London founded the first Pharmaceutical Society 

1729 - 1825
In Philadelphia the Marshall Pharmacy became the leading training school for pharmacists in America

Sertuerner in Germany "invented" the alkaloids - he chemically isolated morphin from opium

1817 - 1874
William Procle jr. - the "father of American pharmacy" - supported the... 

in Paris Pelletier Caventon invented production of Quinine by extraction

American Pharmaceutical Association was founded 

First mutual conference of European and American pharmacists

First United States Pharmacopoea (USP) was published; Dr. Squibb was one of the co-publishers 

Messrs. Park + Davis started to market standardized medicines the synthesis of antipyrine gave input and inspiration to pharmaceutical research

the French E. Limousin invented glass ampoules, medical "droppers" as well as an apparatus to inhale oxygen

discovery of a diphtheria antitoxin by Behring & Roux - a biological product made from microorganisms: since then many serums and vaccines were developed and made available to actually heal a growing number of illnesses 

development of penicillins 

1940- 1950'ies
development of chemotherapy by the French pharmacist Ernest Fourneaux

first successful heart transplantation performed by professor Dr. Bernard in South Africa

In Germany, the costs for healing illnesses caused by wrong eating habits reached a shocking volume of D-Mark 80 millions. A multifacultative group of scientists, requested by German Federal Ministry of Health to research reasons and origin for such "sensation" comes to the conclusion that the origin must be seen in changed eating habits of the Germans, in "fast food" as well as that mass-produced fruits and vegetables which merely lost their nutritioning effect (e.g. tomatos cultivated on water-pipes instead inside the earth).
Out of that original group of scientists a Hans-Guenter Berner of Kiel in North-Germany starts to develop CELLAGON AURUM as answer to the questions from those new discoveries: a FOOD ADDITIVE produced (i.e. blended, not chemically manufactured) from only top quality fruits and vegetables. 

Trust-Pharma Handelsgesellschaft mbH was founded 

Trustpharma (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was founded 

In the entire German-speaking area as well as in further European countries a constantly growing number of consumers - among them German Olympic sportsmen and -women - recognize the multiple, fantastic yet analyzable effect of CELLAGON AURUM: for information please contact directly H.-G. Berner GmbH, Hasenholz 10 in 24161 Altenholz, Germany  (internet-address and here:

The tragic expansion of AIDS as well as new illnesses caused by new dangerous viruses have brought "SARS", Birdflue and Denghi fiever to the attention of humans on all continents: and everywhere on earth pharmaceutical-medical scientists work most intensively to develop answers in form of new medicaments...

2007 started off its' operation !